My passion lies in providing a safe, non-judgmental environment where you are free to express yourself in whatever way you are most comfortable. Together we gently and compassionately explore the areas of your life that are not working for you. We release past trauma, not by getting into every detail about what happened to you, but through becoming aware of small movements in your body and gently exploring what those movements have to tell us.  This is what is meant by somatic work. It is working with the unconscious. The traumatic feelings are felt in the present moment and the memory is now being witnessed and held gently for perhaps the first time in your life. This memory now understands a different way of being and a new neuropath way develops around this experience and goes back into the body in a fresh, lighter way.  This is due helping you to feel safe, while you experience the feelings around the memory. Your stuck memory might not have ever felt safe before therapy.  As a result, you begin to realize the weight that memory had on you and it is no longer so heavy.  You begin to feel much lighter.  Through the shedding of these unwanted emotional traumas you are able to live a life with more confidence.  You’ll discover a sense of ease and peace within yourself that you only dreamt could exist.


Types of Therapy

The modalities I use area EMDR, Family of Origin, Hakomi, Internal Family Systems (parts work), LifeSpan Integration, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Person Centered Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and Talk Therapy.

My clients are amazed to discover that what has plagued them their entire lives can dissolve over time.


Your struggle is our struggle

Throughout our childhood, we develop patterns of behavior in response to the behaviors we see in others. During our therapy sessions, I will use Family of Origin theory and body awareness to help you understand the link between your present day issues and your childhood experiences. We will work with the unconscious using somatic therapy to release the pain of any original wound, so you are no longer governed by those childhood experiences/traumas. Once your childhood wound is named and witnessed, you are able to look at it from your adult self, instead of the trapped child self, which enables you to begin to make more sense of how you been living and why.

Using LifeSpan Integration we are able to work through birth and preverbal trauma up to the present day.  We no longer need to have our past define our future. Through various modalities we are able to release that which is holding you back from living the extraordinary life you were born to live.

I use a mind/body/spirit approach in my practice, assisting you in gaining greater knowledge of yourself, your relationship with self and  others, and how best to heal your wounds.

I can help

I specialize in working with men and women who

  • have been Sexually Abused
  • have experienced Narcissistic Abuse
  • have thoughts of Suicide
  • are Highly Sensitive
  • are Care Givers
  • have experienced Grief and Loss

Life is not always pain free or safe. As the First Noble Truth of Buddhism states, “Suffering Exists.” Yet, I can help ease your suffering by giving you tools you can use to become more awake, aware, and resilient to your life and its stressors.

I work with individuals who have experienced grief and loss whether it is expect, sudden, violent, and/or traumatic. I also work with those who are going through life transitions or communication breakdowns resulting in anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, and self esteem issues.

My approach to therapy is to using mindfulness and body awareness through somatic techniques to help ease and release the tension that is causing difficulty and stress in your life.

My approach is gentle, compassionate, and straightforward.

Contact Me

Jeanne Reina, MA, LMHC
[email protected]